Chantilly Cream is an umbrella term Ari opened in London in 2013.

It features self-initiated projects, in the Postcard section, where you can order prints,

examples of sign writing work in the Lettering section,

and of clients work, in the Visual Minutes / Graphic Design section

More information about Graphic Facilitation here.


Updates about collage and artworks mainly on FB, Twitter and Instagram. A talk about my art practice here.

It also includes information about the Collage Club that I am running

in London, find all dates for Spring/Summer 2017

as they come up on eventbrite or on the collage club FB page















A selection of postcards and envelops is always on sale at the Black Gull Books,

121, High Road, N2 8AG, London – just above East Finchley tube station :
My ongoing collection of coffee spoons from around Europe
collected from 2003 to 2016 is still displayed at the Prufrock Cafe 
near Farringdon, London since 2013. 
prufrock pic chant copy WEB
“At the age of 17 I started traveling on my own, drinking coffee and collecting spoons. Every spoon is related to a person, a date and a place, and works as a notification of an actual meeting and as a witness to a conversation. After labelling the spoons I realised that the people I was having coffee with were writers, musicians, photographers, architects, actors or painters: such people made up my background, an incomplete Europe in my twenties”

Some recent video poems, and more on Vimeo