Graphic Facilitation

I like working with material that is not visual to start with (a problem, a report, data) and try to find what is already visual in the language used to talk about it. I play with metaphors: the value they bring to the stiff posture of personal and business practices is in allowing change to happen by allowing us to see it (visually) and therefor inhabit it as a possible space.
In my work I make maps, conceptual and geographic, and I revert to the clarity of timelines and diagrams, combining words and images that allow us to see where we are, in time and space.

You can see examples of this work in the Visual Minutes and Graphic Facilitation section.


My rates are by the hour, or the project. Feel free to contact me for a quote.


Metaphors are not a question of language but a question of meaning; they are devices for understanding. As such, metaphors can be said to create realities because they licence for a certain kind of future action. (Mark Lakoff)