My first chapbook L’Italie L’Ondon has been published by Knives Forks and Spoons Press in March 2020, (48 pages, 4 colour plates, £10. ISBN: 97819122116090). Order here

My experimental essay “On receivers, metaphors and postcards” has been published online by Versopolis and can be read here.







Wretched Strangers, which includes a selection from my L’Italie L’Ondon, is an anthology compiled by JT Welsch and Ágnes Lehóczky and published by Boiler House Press in June 2018 “to mark the vital contribution of non-UK-born writers to this country’s poetry culture. Wretched Strangers brings together innovative writing from around the globe, celebrating the irreducible diversity such work brings to ‘British’ poetry. While documenting the challenges faced by writers from elsewhere, these pieces offer hopeful re-conceptions of ‘shared foreignness’ as Lila Matsumoto describes it, and the ‘peculiar state of exiled human,’ in Fawzi Karim’s words”.

You can purchase a copy here

Proceeds will be donated to charities fighting for the rights of refugees.







A limited edition of E3 4TH, a handmade one page book, printed by Pulcino Elefante (Osnago, Italy), in 21 copies. Details: duck feathers from a single duvet, handstitched on every book. Click on image to view

E34TH £100 :




Audio works and Videopoems

Audio introduction to my video poems (2015) here

Audio introduction (2013) to my practice (photography and postcards) here  and in Italian here

84b (Italian)

Released in 2006

Klaus Brunnen: interpolazioni, chitarra
Giacomo Anderle: voice
Ariadne Radi Cor: voice, piano, text

Listen/read lyrics here








L’ondon (Italian)

Released in 2011

Ariadne Radi Cor: voice, sounds

Listen/read text here













Songs of Import (English)

Released in 2011

Texts: Federico Nobili/Yuri Olshansky

Voice: Ariadne Radi Cor

Interpolation: Klaus Brunnen, Federico Nobili

Listen/read text here